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Profile of Resource Persons:

Profile of Resource Persons:

Shri P. R. Goswami 
Director (Library & Information) 
Kalanidhi Division 
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

Prabir Sengupta
Distinguished Fellow
Mr Knowledge Management Divison
The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI)
New Delhi
Mr Prabir Sengupta, a Masters in Economics from Presidency College, Calcutta University. Mr Sengupta was a member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) from 1965 until 2002.

Mr Sengupta has held many important positions in the provincial Government of Assam as also in the Government of India. He has been Secretary to the Government of India on a consecutive basis in the Ministries of Industry, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Defence and Commerce. He participated in a number of bilateral and multilateral discussions as also for signing of important agreements. After his stint in Government of India, he became the Director of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, a management and research institute and was able to raise level of the Institute to 6th or 7th rank among all the Indian institutes including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Mr Sengupta also served as a Principal Adviser to the Confederation of Indian Industries. Mr Sengupta joined as a Distinguished Fellow in The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and has been involved in issues relating to trade, energy and environment. Concurrently,  Mr Sengupta holds the position of the Director of Knowledge Management Division. Mr Sengupta has also been the Chairman of MBA Programmes in TERI University.

Dr P K Bhattacharya                                                                    
Fellow, Area Convenor & Editor-WDL                                                
Knowledge Management Division
The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi
Dr P K Bhattacharya is Fellow at Knowledge Management Division, TERI, New Delhi. He specializes in information  processing, organizing, and analysis; database management; editorial activities and information service development. His recent area of work is in Knowledge Management, and its implementation in TERI. He is editor of World digital Libraries (WDL): An International Journal, a leading library science journal published from India and other journals in TERI. Dr Bhattacharya has also functions as Head of Environmental Information System at TERI.

Dr Bhattacharya has served in R&D and Consultancy organizations including Montari Industries, UP and Alpha Cybernetics International, New Delhi prior to joining TERI.

He has published several research papers, book chapters, and bibliographies. He also teaches BLIS and MLIS students at IGNOU study centre. He has also organized, participated and presented in several international conferences and workshops.

Dr Shantanu Ganguly
Knowledge Management Division
The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi
Dr Shantanu Ganguly  is a professional incumbent with a profound knowledge in implementation of Knowledge Management system. He has served various reputed organisations and  institutions in the last 25+ years. At present working as the Fellow  in the Knowledge Management Division of TERI. Recipient of “Roll of Honour” for outstanding contribution in the organization. An active speaker at various forums and conferences.

Dr Ganguly has handled several leading projects of TERI. He has been an integral part of the projects of bi-lateral, multi-lateral and government bodies, in setting up their knowledge management systems, database management systems and devising communication strategy and content management. He has also developed several Professional Development Programmes, and given a new dimension to the capacity building programmes. An excellent communicator in Infopreneurship, Knowledge Management, Business Communication Strategy, Project Management and Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Core Competencies:
1.       Knowledge Management
2.      Project Management
3.      Capacity Building
4.      Communication and Marketing
5.      Enterprise Content Management
6.      Database Management System
7.      Taxonomy Management
8.       Developing Customized Electronic Information Services

Ms Maning Thangal
Information Analyst
Knowledge Management Division
The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi
Ms Maning Thangal is currently working as Information Analyst in KM Division in TERI. She has been working in TERI Library for the last 10 years. Her area of work includes both the library operations and services. She also actively contributes in several of the projects both in-house and sponsored undertaken by the Information Centre. One of her key area of interest is Indigenous Knowledge System.

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